149 Airport Rd.
St. Johns, NL
(709) 739-7505 parkandjetas@gmail.com

Benefits of Parking with us

We are also primely located for our customers who may require autobody repairs or even just general maintenance on their vehicles ; say while they are working away or on vacation! Our facility is equipped with 1 independently owned and operated, fully functioning garage with excellent professional mechanics. So avail of the opportunity to finally have your fluids changed or maybe have your winter tires put on before you get back from where you've been away.

The opportunity to have work done on your vehicle is conveniantly there in case you need it while your away; you can take advantage of this by contacting independant owned Airport Auto Tech @ (709)726-7253! They are located in the same building as us. 

Additonally, if you're looking for a vehicle cleaning or detailing - Scrub er' Down Extreme (also independantly owned, but on site). They can be reached to make appointments at (709) 280-9274 or check them out on Facebook and speak with someone right away. 

*** Parking is at vehilce owner's risk. ***

Snows autotech
Airport auto tech